Rivacold Block system, Three Phase, Low Temperature


Rivacold Block system, Three Phase, Low Temperature




The Blocksystem is contained in one housing, consisting of a condensing unit, evaporator and an electrical control panel. This solution enables to have a product easy to be used and installed with the maximum of versatility. The use of forefront technical solutions has enabled us to optimise the encumbrance of the machines by also improving their installation mode, especially in reduced dimension cold rooms.

Blocksystems are available for the following application fields:

High Temperature (HBP) +10°C/+2°C
Medium Temperature (MBP) +5°C / -5°C
Low Temperature (LBP) -15°C/ -25°C
FA/FT Range for wall installation
The FA versatility is highlighted in the dual mounting mode: saddle version ( FA range) or plug-in insulating panel fitted version (FT range). Capillary expansion. Off cycle defrosting (HBP), and hot gas defrosting (MBP, LBP).

FS Range for separate condensor/evaporator sections
These machines have the compressor/condenser section separated, which is for outside installation, and a remote evaporator, which is to be installed inside the cold room. This allows the two parts to be fitted at a certain distance from one another. This range is available in two different versions: nitrogen-charged with shut-off valve connections or pre charge refrigerant and fast connections. In this case it is possible to request the supply of pre-charged connection pipes (for additional details see the optional table related to each model).

All Blocksystems are equipped with:

self-suppoting casing in zinc-plated metal sheet, which
is coated with epoxy powder
front panel easy to be removed in order to guarantee
an easy access to the components and a fast maintenance
hermetic compressors with thermal motor protection
electronic board that can be programmed according to
different user requirements
heat exchangers with aluminium fins and copper coils
condensation by air (optional condensation by water)
direct gas expansion with capillary tube or thermostatic
expansion valve (optional where not fitted as standard)
automatic defrosting with programmable run, duration
and frequency settings
integral evaporating condensing water tray, or
condensing water direct discharge
integral or remote control panel (optional)
additional electronic module for master/slave operation
(optional used to connect more blocksystem units
together in a cold room with the possibility for
synchronised operations)
additional electronic module for monitoring, recording
and remote management (optional)
remote management system (optional)
A selection of many different units available.
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